I just finished with my first Technology Seminar of New York and as far as I am concerned it was a success. Thanks to everyone for making me feel welcome to your region.

Thanks to the staff of Community Services for the Developmentally Disabled for their assistance in making this happen.  What was originally designed as an information session for providers new to electronic documentation turned into a user group meeting consisting of 5 agencies ranging from just beginning to using Therap for 3 years.  The meeting was informative and created a forum for identifying future enhancements of Therap Services. These ideas will set the stage for everyone now using but also those coming on to have a product that is by far superior than any other.  Best of all was hearing from each other on how to approach an issue or in implementing Therap what to avoid.

We vowed to have another meeting in the future but it will be sometime after the Fishkill National Conference. I look forward to seeing everyone there.  But until then, I look forward to similar results in upcoming meetings at Syracuse, Elmira and Manhattan.