I have now met with Therap users from around the areas of Buffalo, Syracuse, and Elmira New York. What a great group of people, all dedicated to their mission and all willing to help each other to improve our systems of support. I learned a lot from everyone and was surprised to hear how every agency approaches start up, implementation, and ongoing development in a different manner. The ideas gleaned from each group were diverse and technically enhancing.  I am compiling the various comments into a work list and then will be sending this information on up for further review and comment. In the meantime I am working with Services for the Underserved in Manhattan where we plan to hold another user group meeting in December. Please contact me for details.

It was unanimous from everyone that we will continue these group meetings and I will be scheduling these throughout 2011.  In the meantime everyone should make plans to attend the Fishkill Conference in February. Go to https://www.therapservices.net/ and sign up today.