I have had the opportunity to attend several meetings lately that will have an impact on documentation and information exchange between providers and the state. I am also happy to say that Therap Services are prepared for these events.

First, there is IRMA. Here is what has been said recently.

OPWDD/Provider Association Partnership

Monthly Meeting – November 22, 2010

Incident Report and Management Application (IRMA)

Tom Richards, Jessica Smith and Richard Monck reported that while 100 agencies currently have access to IRMA, only 70 (approximately 500 total users) are actively using the system. It is OPWDD’s intent that all providers will eventually be required to use the system, and providers are encouraged to contact their local DDSO for access and training. OPWDD continues to work on electronic interfaces for those agencies that currently use electronic applications.

Therap representatives just had a meeting this week with the State representatives for this project. They explained their expectations and how providers using electronic documentation will upload their information into IRMA. They are sharing data that will allow Therap to extract the necessary information from the GER module. We have been waiting for this since the inception and now look forward to assisting providers and the state in collecting and reporting quality data.

You may have received a notice about the potential use of individual debit cards by the people we support. The state is looking for volunteers to pilot this project and for any of you using the personal finance module in Therap then this will be worth checking out. Our system was designed with this in mind and now we can help.

Finally, at another meeting this week I heard how another information project will be put in place by July of 2011. This involves a Multi-year Comprehensive Employment System Medicaid Infrastructure Grant. Its’ purpose is for the development of an infrastructure to support competitive employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

In order to talk about this project and the others mentioned I will be holding a go to meeting on Thursday December 30th at 10:00am. I invite you to join where I will play the power point that was shared with me. Please send me an email and I can send you an invitation.