Recently I sent out a message to many of our New York users about draft protocols for waiver reviews. Although I try to stay on top of things and distribute among our friends as soon as possible I would like to invite everyone to periodically check out this link from our Therap home page. Simply copy this link and place in your browser, then bookmark for future access.

This page is where we will post a variety of resources that you can access. I also invite anyone who has resource links to share to send those to us and we will make them available to everyone. The power of all of us sharing makes for a more knowledgeable work force.

Here is another bit of news that I know everyone is watching.

  • OPWDD held a phone conference on Tuesday Jan 25 to update stakeholders on the status of the upstate (outside New York City) launch of the Office of Inspector General (OIG) monthly claim audit. So far, the OIG has visited the Staten Island and Metro DDSOs and will be at the Long Island DDSO next week. Several Long Island agencies have been contacted by the OIG with the names of individuals they will be auditing. OPWDD is asking agencies to contact the OIG liaison in the DDSO/NYCRO if and when they are contacted by the OIG. The names of the beneficiaries they will be auditing can be communicated to the liaison via phone or fax. OPWDD is asking that if the OIG asks for Waiver enrollment information to refer them to the DDSO as OPWDD maintains all HCBS waiver enrollment documents for each individual receiving services. Agencies who have been contacted by the OIG should begin gathering documentation on individuals once they have been identified by the OIG. The OIG will be looking for policies and practices for billing and attendance and service documentation. They will be asking for documentation of MSC qualifications. They will also be looking for QMRP involvement. Agencies should identify program and clinical staff who meet QMRP qualification. OPWDD has asked for clarification from the OIG on the QMRP documentation but has not yet received a response. OPWDD suggested that knowledgeable staff from billing as well as programs be at the initial visit to answer OIG questions.