By now you must have read or at least heard about the article in The New York Times regarding state operated systems of support for people with developmental disabilities. As a reference here is a link. New York Times . As an administrator and advocate it pains me to hear abuse or neglect is not met with swift and decisive action. I feel especially for the friends, relatives, and family who have to hear about such news and then question what is best for their family.

I am glad to be working with a service that is part of a solution to assist communication and documentation.  Quality of life will always be a part of the atmosphere of a home or agency but with Therap Services you can be assured you have the information in a timely and secured fashion. I like what I have seen with some providers where they actually set up accounts for family members to also get information just like the rest of the staff and administration does. The more people who read information and data the better the information gets as well as the degree of trust improves.

I wish all of the good people who are doing a great and meaningful job will receive continued support and know they are appreciated.