New York is strengthening their current reporting system of incidents. A new form has been released and here are a few notes regarding the changes made. These will be incorporated into the Therap reporting system soon. Here is a link to the new form 147.  Revised 147

1) A note was added that the form only contains the information that was available at the time of its completion.

2) The item requesting information about referral to Protective Services for Adults/Adult Protective Services was removed. (This was changed to reflect that referrals to PSA/APS are no longer made for most individuals receiving services in the OPWDD system.)

3) A new item #21 was added to request information about notification to law enforcement.

4) Item #22 (Referral to Statewide Central Register of Child Abuse and Maltreatment) was changed to require additional information about the referral.

5) A new item #29 requires information about various notifications.

6) A new Item #30 requests any additional steps taken to ensure the individual’s safety.

7) A new Item #31 requests information about the party completing item 30.

Finally, a new Item #32 requests the name of the assigned investigator.