On June 14th The Arc Otsego was host to another in a series of user group meetings.  We had four agencies represented with over 20 people attending. It was a great time to review notes on the version 9.0 release. This included time tracking, the MSC roles of coordinator and supervisor, the MSC note, IDF extension and ultimately the billing checklist. We learned from each other on how people are using T-notes and chaining those for continuous follow up and accountability. The ISP and habilitation plan process was reviewed and this helped to see the simplicity and intuitive nature of how Therap services work.

We also discussed the pros and cons of organizing the agency around caseloads or by programs and found out everyone has developed a mixture of both depending on what communication needs are required.  In discussing time tracking we came up with a few other ideas for its’ use such as for adaptive devices, treatments, or other activities. What was most interesting is Arc of Otsego has developed a rapport with their survey team and has given them full access and now they survey from Albany and by all accounts everyone is thrilled with the process.

As usual we also identified a few issues that I will bring to the attention of our programmers. We thought the individual home page could be expanded to include other health tracking but also need a way for staff to quickly identify what programs require documentation for that day.

A big thank you to our friends at ARC  Otsego for being a gracious host and to all in attendance, it was a great day to learn and confirm.