I had the pleasure of attending the IRMA training that all providers are being required to attend.  Several staff of all providers is attending this training in anticipation of IRMA being mandated for use in reporting incidents. I applaud the State in these efforts to have a system that will provide data for analysis and hopefully guide timely interventions. However, Therap Services has already been doing this in multiple states with hundreds of agencies. The ease of using Therap for incident/neglect or abuse reporting allows Direct Support Professionals or other staff to submit reports and immediately be seen by supervisors and administrators who have proper access.  Reports can be reviewed and action taken upon receipt thus ensuring timely action. In addition, when multiple administrators are seeing the information it ensures someone is taking action and providing internal checks on the agency. The same could be done for the State and they could have the proper authorizations and have this information as the agencies do.  Unfortunately, the State will still be reliant on someone to enter this information from the agency and the agency will still have to have two systems of recording and then entering into IRMA.


If you are a current or future provider you will be able to have all the features of Therap Services event reporting and the ability to run data reports while still complying with IRMA. The State has been very proactive by working with Therap staff in making it possible for a simple upload from Therap system to IRMA. We have been working through the process and look forward to providing this service to providers and for the State to have the information needed to ensure the quality of life for people with disabilities is enhanced and secured.