On Friday afternoon I received an email letting me know Sazzad would be in town on Monday and Tuesday and would like to visit with customers of Therap. If you have been at a National Therap Conference or on a State project you know Sazzad is thoughtful and brilliant when it comes to understanding Therap customers and their needs.  It is always a thrill to have Sazzad at a meeting where we discuss applications and enhancements.

It only took a few calls and Monday the 27th was filled. Thanks to Madison/Cortland ARC and ARC of Onondaga for being hosts and working with us on various topics. Some of the discussions led to philosophy and internal agency policies and then there were several items that Therap could address that would better work for the users. Later that day a few more phone calls and our next agency host for Tuesday the 28th was Southeast Works. Tuesday morning we were met by their enthusiastic implementation team as well as fresh pastries and drinks – nice. Similar topics of Monday and they identified a glitch in a print document that was fixed overnight.

It was a packed couple of days but Therap’s hallmark is the support of customers and we remain committed to listening and responding to their needs