Everyone can state a personal definition of what community means to them. This could be where one lives, where one works, or with specific groups of people where you share a common bond. New York has communities called villages, towns, Burroughs, on up to cities. When you work for Therap Services in a virtual world you slowly begin to define a different community. Having worked for Therap for over a year I am now seeing my community as those people who share a common bond of using Therap services. We can easily speak therapese, understand T-speak, and can be thrown by our old language being upgraded to a new language such as our beloved IDF’s are now ID.  What is the best way of sharing within our community is through our monthly user groups and soon there will be several days of Regional trainings. I look forward to seeing our community members at the Buffalo meeting August 24th and 25th and then in Cortland November 9 and 10.  Please go to our home page web site and register now in order to be a part of the New York Therap Community. See you there.