There is no doubt over the past year you or someone you know has been affected by some form of disaster. We have seen floods, fires, earthquakes, blizzards, and who knows what will be next. Fortunately we have many early warning systems that give us an idea of what is coming and the chance to prepare. I know at Therap Services we take data seriously and have constant backup systems operating in order to maintain security at all times, considering any moment can be an emergency.  As we are in constant preparation so must others supporting people with disabilities. Once an emergency hits there is no longer any time for planning. Therefore, brush up on those emergency response plans and materials and ensure you have Therap off line forms as one of the tools in your kit.

I ran across a good resource that can help you plan for those you support but also others in your community who may need similar assistance. This website is from the Department of Health and Human Services.

The link provided below is all about emergency preparedness plans as well as Evacuation Request forms for Special Needs. This can be used for people with disabilities but also others in your community. Every County has one and now is the time to prepare for what we know will be a need, but hopefully not needed. Here is their link.  Emergency Preparedness

Also, here is another link for an example about the Special Needs Registry County example of Special Needs Registry