The People First Waiver is OPWDD’s vehicle for service system reform and improvement. It is embodied in this year’s Comprehensive Plan (the 5.07 Plan) which has just been released for review. OPWDD invites you to comment on the draft plan and the waiver initiative at a statewide videoconference hearing that will take place in 13 locations around the state on November 9.

In addition, OPWDD is also hosting a series of five informational briefings on the new People First Waiver in early November. These will occur at locations across the state and will provide an update on OPWDD’s development of the new waiver by Commissioner Burke or a staff member from the 1115 Waiver Unit. They will also provide a time for you to ask questions. These briefings require advanced registration.

To view the draft plan and sign up to give testimony at the November 9 hearing, or to register to attend a People First Waiver briefing near you, visit