I know I should be taking pictures but I get so caught up with the activity, the sessions, and the presentations that I do not think of snapping pictures.

Needless to say the conference went quite well, over 90 attendees representing 20 different agencies. I want to thank Kris, Stephen, and Jim from Therap Services for committing their time and expertise.  Also, the presentations by the providers were excellent. I hope to see everyone and more at the National Conference in February. I want to recognize and thank those that presented from the provider perspective.

  • Vicki from Ulster Greene ARC who presented on maintaining case loads
  • Ellen from The ARC of Onondaga who gave the perspective from Quality Assurance to ensure GER’s are done correctly in order for the State forms, 147, and IRMA are correct.
  • Staff from Madison Cortland ARC who presented two topics on how they implemented BER’s and GER’s across their entire agency
  • Mark from Battenkill who showed how he set up and is using billing in their agency
  • Joe from Community Services for the Developmentally Disabled explained how they set up and are using the Training Management System in their agency

Great job everyone!