Therap will be presenting at the YAI International Conference on May 1st  2012, at 1:00pm. Following is a transcript of the presentation. If you  would like a similar presentation given to your organization, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Topic:  Management/Supervisor – Technology

Event Type:   Seminar

Short Abstract:

This session will demonstrate the use of technology for transparent and effective communication for the enhancement of life and the prevention of abuse and/or neglect.

Full Abstract:

It is unfortunate to hear continued reports of agencies or cultures within systems that allow for abuse and neglect to occur or even persist. New York was exposed where reports of abuse and neglect were ignored or reports made never reached people who make a difference.

Participate in a discussion where we review how technology is being used to prevent abuse and neglect through enhanced communication. We will review how daily notes about a person’s welfare can be instantaneously shared with staff, administrators, family, and guardians. Incident reports can be shared in like manner but also the technology allows for easy access to data for trend reporting for identifying issues of prevention, training, or recognition.  Confidential communications and conversations can be confidential, HIPAA secure, and shared. This can create a trusting atmosphere and reach more people and when more people are involved supports or issues can be more easily identified and if need be, timely interventions. But also, times for celebration and staff/family recognition.