CHOICE or choice? Do you have a choice? No, it is time to get on board and get used to using OPWDD CHOICE for DDP, and TAB’s. Everyone has heard by now that that this is another system that will be mandated to use statewide. Therap would love to help providers with this process but this is one area where the state will not be building an interface. However, in this package is an ISP. Do not be alarmed, this is one part of CHOICES that is exempt from the mandated use. Microsoft will be building software that will allow Therap to upload your ISP into the CHOICES ISP. Once that software comes available to us, like we have done before, we will drop everything and build this upload ability.

We are also evaluating form 149, and the new Hab. Plan. Please contact me if you would like to share your thoughts on these new developments.