Ever since I first heard of the YAI International Conference I had wanted to attend. This was in the 80’s and I  was working in Virginia. At that time it was the most progressive and thorough conference to attend, especially for someone relatively new in the field of special education.  Here it is over 30 years later and not only am I attending but am presenting on a topic that is very relevant for today’s support services. I am fortunate to be presenting with Stephen Flannigan, our New York support specialist. Our topic will be using technology in the workplace in order to prevent abuse and neglect. Using the technology of Therap Services agencies are improving their ability for communication at all levels, as well as creating an environment of transparency and honesty. The train ride into the city gives me these last few moments to contemplate how in my short career span how much has changed in documentation standards and methodologies to achieve this. Therap is the leader in this new standard and it is a pleasure to bring this to others.