We are on pins and needles just waiting for our chance to further our commitment to providing the providers of supports with the best possible resources. An example was the upload to IRMA, but going live with that is on hold while the State makes some changes to IRMA based on recent legislation. But there are other opportunities that lie ahead and here is the latest news regarding our ability to work with CHOICES.

Hacknauer, James, F.

11:28 AM (18 minutes ago)

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Update on CHOICES,

As I have mentioned in the past, the file upload process is hinged on the current version of CHOICES, MS Dynamic 4.0 being upgraded to MS Dynamics 2011.  As most of you know Dynamics does not come out of the box ready to be deployed in an OPWDD environment.  Some customization was needed along with customizing web services to interface with legacy OPWDD systems.  This has proven to be challenging for Microsoft and there is where we are today.  At this time I am not able to predict a date of when we can continue working on the file upload process other than we are getting closer.  A date has been established to begin CHOICES user testing in MS Dynamics 2011 environment, 6/18/12.  If testing goes well, will be able to run dual system as we transition the 6k plus user onto the upgraded CHOICES environment.  Then we will refocus our attention on the file up load.  In the future I will be providing more frequent updates on the status of our progress.

James Hacknauer