There are some celebrations and recognitions going on about the closing of Willowbrook. On September 17, 1987, it was officially closed. That was 25 years ago; however the story started 40 years ago with the expose by Geraldo Rivera. It took 15 years to stop what never should have happened. While this is something to remember a problem still exists. It was in 1999 that the Olmstead decision further reiterated the rights of people with disabilities. This shook up a lot of states as they could no longer use the excuse of inadequate funding as a reason for not providing access. It is now 13 year later from the Olmstead decision, 38 years from Willowbrook closing and 53 years since the first reporting of the horrors in institutions. Congratulations to all of those who for so many years have fought discrimination and have stood for the rights of all people. But the fight is still going on and the objectives must be achieved sooner than later. We cannot afford another lawsuit to tell us what we know needs to be done. In New York Governor Cuomo is trying to address this now and for the future. Here is a link to the efforts to address Olmstead.