While at a conference a few months ago a family introduced themselves and remarked how they use technology in their family. I am glad we can provide a tool that goes beyond documenting and truly tests the accountability and transparency for everyone. Here is a message from Todd Jacobson, MD.  President – Board of Directors, The Resource Center, Chautauqua County Chapter of NYSARC – Jamestown, NY

Regarding parent’s access:

I have met with many parents who just love being able to access Therap from their homes.  They can keep up-to-date on everything that is happening with their child who is participating in services/ residential care through The Resource Center.  They are also able to use it to communicate with staff or managers regarding concerns, questions, or suggestions.  It has been a great tool for parents and is very well-received.

Regarding client usage:

My daughter is one of the first at The Resource Center to be trained and allowed to Log onto her MAR through Therap and twice a day document the taking of her medication.  Maria is very proud to tell others of her ability to perform this task.  It gives her a sense of accomplishment and connection with her care plan.  She is now learning how to access T-Logs as well.

This younger generation of children with developmental disabilities tends to be very tech-savvy.  They enjoy computers, the internet, and other electronic devices.  I feel it is important to engage those capable of utilizing it to further their development, self-worth, and sense of accomplishment by allowing them to interact and assist with their Therap documentation as a part of their care/service plans.