Brief excerpt from budget message.

In addition, OPWDD is seeking authorization from the Federal government to make changes that will improve coordination of long-term care, acute and behavioral health care services for individuals with developmental disabilities, increase the flexibility of services provided to individuals with developmental
disabilities, increase funding transparency, and improve overall service quality and outcomes. Without these changes there could be significant negative consequences on the State’s ability to maintain current service levels.
To ensure OPWDD delivers the most integrated and cost effective services possible, the Budget supports ongoing plans to downsize institutional programs by including resources to fund more integrated and appropriate service opportunities in the community. Specifically, the Budget reflects the closures
announced last year of the Finger Lakes and Taconic Campuses which are expected to be completed by December 2013. The vast majority of new services will be provided by the agency’s network of nonprofit providers. The Budget also reflects continued efficiencies and other saving actions via attrition, as
well as stricter controls on NPS spending.