Here is an excerpt from the April 2013-2014 OMIG Work Plan. Since recovery is a major way of handling future budget cuts it is imperative an agency has the supporting documentation and an electronic system like Therap is the answer.  Here is a link to the full plan.

OMIG 2013-2014 workplan

At the national level, fraud, waste and abuse efforts have moved away from a traditional “pay and chase” model toward cost avoidance and improving program integrity. Today’s models emphasize prevention avoiding costs that should not occur. OMIG’s work over the last four years has likewise changed to further align with this national emphasis and its achievements lead the nation in this regard. In its last reporting year, OMIG cost avoidance techniques saved taxpayers over $2.5 Billion. While the greater emphasis on avoidance structures the Office’s work, OMIG also achieved strong recoveries more than $410 million.