Fall is here and when you hear that word, some of you may be thinking of daylight saving time coming up, winterizing the house, or drives and hikes into the woods. But here in our Therapverse we are thinking of Fall Conference and an October User Group Meeting.

Our User Group meeting for this month is being hosted by staff at Heritage Christian Services at Pieters Family Life Center, 1025 Commons Way, Rochester, NY 14623. With all of the new releases and apps to review it should be a full meeting. So, if you are long time Therapite or just looking to learn about electronic documentation you are invited. Here is a link for to register.

User Group Meeting

Next on our fall tour is a two day conference being held in Syracuse on October 29 and 30. Once again we will have our prized support staff attending and many great presentations by providers. We will also have a special presentation by advocates on how they use Therap in promoting their life. Here is a link to view the schedule and to register.

Fall Conference in Syracuse

Despite all of these activities I can still get out and enjoy the Catskill colors.