Therap answers need for communication among staff, compliance, and Governing Committees.

Providers are required by Federal and State Statute to have programs of due diligence for the prevention and identification of criminal activity. In addition, communication to and from compliance officer, staff, administration, and most importantly Governing Board as the vehicle for compliance to these requirements. Here is a link to the latest OMIG Webinar where they identify regulations and best practices for compliance. I think you can easily see how Therap assists in these activities.

OMIG Compliance Presentation

This Webinar outlines the statutory and regulatory requirements under New York State’s Medicaid program for the annual compliance certification obligation for both the state requirements and those for the federal Deficit Reduction Act (DRA) of 2005. The speaker demonstrates the new forms for 2013 and explains statutory and regulatory requirements. Finally, the speaker engages in a short discussion on the compliance program review process used by OMIG in assessing the compliance programs of Medicaid providers.