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Language Resources for Providers

According to the United States Census Bureau American Community Survey conducted in 2007, of the 18,097,578 New York state residents, 5, 229,102 speak a language other than English at home.  OPWDD recognizes effective communication is an important aspect of person centered care and essential to provide individuals meaningful access to our system of care.  We are extending telephonic interpretation to voluntary agencies to assist with providing culturally and linguistically competent care.  In addition, we have made available additional resources such as; translated forms, training, “I Speak Cards”, and “Desk Reference Guides.”

To receive access for telephonic interpretation:

Attestation Form please complete the attestation form and submit to your local DDRO.  For additional information on how to complete the form please follow the instructions below.

Language Access training is being provided to assist voluntary agencies with guidance on how to use the resources that are being made available by OPWDD.  To access the training please follow the link Language Access training.

“I Speak Cards” are available to assist staff in identifying the language spoken by the limited English proficient individual…  It is recommended to post the” I Speak” posters in common areas of the agency, so that individuals will be aware that interpretation is available.

Desk Reference Guide provides a step-by step process for staff on how to access and use the telephone interpretation.

Attestation Form

Language Access Training

Language Interpreter Identification Card

Instruction for accessing telephone interpretation

Instructions for using Geneva Worldwide Telephonic Services