I know everyone is preparing to modify and update plans according to the new requirements established by OPWDD. In summary;

·       All affected ISPs must be updated to reflect a frequency of  “day” or “daily” instead of “month” or “monthly”;

·       All affected ISPs must be evaluated to determine if they currently reflect the individuals’ desire to be absent from the IRA/CR for the purposes of using therapeutic leave (visiting family/friends on weekends or holidays or taking vacations);

·       Residential Hab plans must be reviewed and updated to reflect individuals’ desire to utilized therapeutic leave;

·       The change for a monthly unit to a daily unit applies to services provided on or after July 1, 2014, however, providers have until August 31, 2014 (at the latest) to update ISP and habilitation plan documents;

·       Inpatient hospitalization, nursing home, or other institutional stays – the day of admission may no longer be counted as a day present in the IRA.  The day of discharge and return to the IRA may be counted.