Over the last couple years, Therap has partnered with the Arc of the United States and its partner network in their mission to provide free health care assessments and follow-up health screenings with individuals with intellectual disabilities.  This has included clinical screenings at pilot sites across the country in the pilot states of California, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, New Jersey and Massachusetts.
The Arc and participating chapters have built a variety of training tools and health information brochures and I’ve had the opportunity to join on site HealthMeets in four of the pilot states last year.  The response from individuals receiving health assessments has been largely positive and enthusiastic – the talented nurses and volunteers running the HealthMeet assessments have created a fun, non-judgemental atmosphere as they encourage social engagement and physical activities such as dancing, healthy cooking activities and games at these events and health fairs.

Therap has created a new series of health assessments for volunteers to utilize, each logging into their unique accounts and adding individuals into the system before completing a series of assessments.  Volunteers on site are using laptops and tablets to quickly address the health assessment questions.  We’ve been providing on-site training and webinars to volunteers across the country, and have been assisting the Arc and its partners generate reports on the data for further a chapter-by-chapter review of individual health.  For those who wish to participate, we’re helping to turn the health information into de-personalized data elements for national analysis by Rutgers University’s The Boggs Center on Developmental Disabilities.
For more on this program, or to see when a chapter near you is hosting their next Fall HealthMeet if members of your community wish to participate, check out the Arc’s HealthMeet project page on their website.


– Stephen