The state of New Jersey began its pilot in transitioning to fee-for-service (FFS) billing last month, a monumental task for the state and no small endeavor for providers across the state.  We began reaching out to providers last year and earlier this spring to discuss how that transition would affect their documentation and how providers would go about billing directly from the data documented within Therap.  Our first webinars on billing set-up two months ago prepared some providers, and we’re working alongside the providers involved in the state pilot.  There’s still a lot of questions on the horizon about how to manage claims processing, adjustments, and staying ahead of reporting to avoid recoupment.  We’ll be reaching out to providers with prospective dates for some follow-up webinars and producing a guide in how to move forward in setting up billing to best handle NJ requirements as the pilot process progresses.


A couple of features make the billing process incredibly easy when using Therap.  The first is the ability to copy your service authorizations, which may prove a lifesaver with the newest rule assigning prior authorization numbers to service authorizations of up to one week in length.  When you copy the authorization, everything copies to the new form except for the service dates, which are quick to apply, and updating the prior authorization number or applying a different tier rate is surprisingly quick.  It’s amazing how ready the system is proving for the new state billing regs!

Therap NJ auth


The other very cool billing accessory is our newly expanded ISP Supporting Document feature, which allows supervisors to check that the attendance data (maintaining billable hours and linked to the units authorized) is supported by staff documentation of services in ISP Data.  It’s going to be really difficult to bill as a provider without seeing that deliverable service data is missing, while over-billing is nearly impossible!  Finally, total units billed or billable in a week by service will prove invaluable to your front office and supervisory team.



With all of the changes, it’s undoubtedly a nerve-racking time to provide services, but we’re excited about the direction and our ability to meet your billing needs as you guys in NJ getting prepared for FFS!  Stay tuned for an announcement date of the upcoming webinar(s) and guides.

– Stephen