Therap is working with several organizations involved in the New Jersey  Fee for Service pilot. Based on our experience in the New Jersey pilot and in Georgia we will not experience problems entering billing data or processing claims, but set up for agencies with a large number of services and a large numbers of NPI numbers may be extensive. Once set up is complete entering billing data and processing claims is quick. That is how it worked in Georgia and the pilot appears to be similar. Also processing Trading Partner applications may be slow since a signed paper application must be submitted and processed by the state for each NPI number.  This approach is unusual and there is no fast way for the state to process the large number of applications required.

Therap’s approach to Fee for Service Billing is to build a flexible system that can be set up to work in any state and we are currently billing in a number of states. Once we have billing working in a state we evaluate if modifications are needed to address ease of use or other issues.