We’re now within six weeks of the annual New Jersey Therap Conference and I wanted to keep you guys abreast of what’s going on with the launch of the new Fee-For-Service pilot and where Therap stands in it.


We’re presently working with providers selected for the FFS pilot and have helped them build much of the billing set-up to allow for their daily collected service data to generate billing reports and correctly adjust to the units billable.  All-in-all there isn’t much here that Therap isn’t doing in other states using this billing model, although the flexibility intended for weekly (!!) service authorizations has meant a lot of extra input that just hasn’t been the case elsewhere.  Such is the nature of pilots, everyone learns as we go!  However, the process is proving more than manageable and we’re looking at opportunities to automate the workflow.

At this stage providers in the pilot can sweep through all of the collected data for the week and convert that data into billable units on a claims form, so data is being collected and billed for.  We’re helping providers transition service data collection to reflect the requirements needed for billing claims while addressing the assurances built into the traditional system of care reimbursement model.  With seeing the pros and cons of different collection methods, our NJ team is honing in on the best documentation models to capture each waiver service.  Therap is moving through with electronic billing and should be able to reduce that final step into an electronic submission soon, a great tool for finance offices.
This is all still quite new for both the State and providers, and there are certainly enough obstacles along the way to work through, but we are moving forward, providers in the pilot are sending claims and being reimbursed.  Outside of the pilot, providers are applying as licensed Medicaid providers with NPI numbers for service sites, and we at Therap are busy readying our role to greatly simplify the claiming process.


Outside of all of this, there are really great changes happening to many modules within Therap, implications for Case Management, Self-Direced Services, enhancements to Incident Report management and GER resolution, improvements to IHPs, service documentation data, employment services documentation and more reports to help Compliance and QA/QIDPs.  Not to mention the updates in the works!

And what better place to discuss all of this, including state concerns with your colleagues from around the Garden State, than at the New Jersey Regional Conference in Westampton?  Sign up before September 6th to receive reduced Early Bird pricing!


Look forward to seeing you in Central Jersey!



– Stephen