At the upcoming Therap State Conference in Rochester on September 15-16, there will be one track dedicated to the College of Direct Support. This is a timely event as Fall registration is coming up.

The College of Direct Support
Announcing the Fall Session of The College of Direct Support to Start: November 01, 2015

The Fall session of The College of Direct Support will begin November 01, 2015. NYSACRA has designed a guide to core competency online learning called Investing in a Professional Workforce. The guide provides an overview of The College of Direct Support, an overview of how The College of Direct Support works, and a list of the curricula along with a description of the curricula offered. To download a copy of the guide click here.

Agencies that provide services and supports in New York State should be particularly pleased with the opportunity to participate in the College of Direct Support, since the content of the CDS training aligns with the state required core competency implementations criteria (OPWDD Administrative Memorandum #2014-03).