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The 2015 regional Conference in Rochester just wrapped up, the transitional end-of-summer weather gorgeous and the people friendly as we gear up for the fall season.  There was a lot to discuss and a lot of great feedback from attendees this year!  We were very excited to see many familiar faces and delighted to host so many first-time attendees, both from new agencies and providers who’ve been using Therap for a little while and sent additional staff to attend and learn about the many modules.  When I was a facilities manager and attending these Therap conferences, it was beyond helpful to meet with colleagues after sessions and try to interpret how certain features could benefit us.  That same strategizing occurred session after session at this conference.  You know you’re doing something right when supervisors are still discussing Therap at lunch and after the conference concludes!


First, a huge thank you to the guest presenters:  Pamela Hunt and Mary Swygert of Baker Victory Services in Lackawanna, Rick Jordan of Catholic Charities Disabilities Services in Albany, Joe Pendergast and Kim Blamowski of Community Services for the Developmentally Disabled in Buffalo.  Your sessions on Training Management workflows, Med Admin Record tips, ISP Templates and End User Reporting/External System Integration, Personal Finance and retrospective on considerations on getting started were insightful and received positive feedback from several attendees.  Apologies about so many photos during your sessions, but thank you, thank you, thank you!

Therap Rochester Collage 3

Also a very big thank you to our colleague Beverly at DirectCourse, who was on-hand both days to discuss their multiple curriculums for Direct Support workforce development, along with the direct bridge within Therap to those courses and the NYS Core Competencies crosswalk.


My colleagues Lori and Jennifer of the Therap Self-Advocate team were both on hand to attend the first day sessions and present on the second day on their own use of Therap to review their notes, upcoming appointments, enter medications and write T-logs.  A lot of providers interested in starting or expanding their own self-advocacy programs were eager to exchange information and learn more about the program.  If your agency is considering creating user accounts for individuals to review and advocate for their own health records, they have a great video about how they use Therap.

Therap Rochester Conf Lori and Jenn answer questions

Heather was on hand to discuss the impact of the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 billing, our overnight release that makes the transition very manageable for providers.  For those that couldn’t make it, we’ve release a guide on the transition to ICD-10 for professional claims, as well as for institutional claims.  Pretty painless in most cases where you can use a general code – and in others, just be sure to get the new diagnosis codes from the physician prior to 1 October.


Letisha was indispensable as usual with her wealth of Therap in practice from an Admin perspective, and was ready to showcase the new Therap updates that will allow for Supported Employment/SEMP billing to take place across the state.  We’ve built a template addressing the state regulations, and is designed to work flawlessly when billing electronically.  Here are the guides on SEMP ISP template and on SEMP billing in New York, along with creating the hab checklist for Supported Employment.

Special thanks to Kevin for his vast knowledge of what’s happening around the state and being our NY First Responder, and an open invitation to Shae to join the folks up in New York next year – such great feedback coming from your sessions!

We covered a lot of ground – from self-directed services and DISCOs to Person-Centered Plan guidelines and the Personal Focus Worksheet and ISP Agenda being used elsewhere to meet those same recommendations.  Information-sharing between agencies, policies in place for community habilitation and other community-based services, and feedback on dashboards, Individual Home and how to integrate Treatment Plan items into billable service notes.  It was an intense couple days of discussion and I’m already excited to come back and expand on these topics and open new discussions next year!

With so much happening in the hotel, you could be for forgiven for not getting downtown to check out the world’s largest collection of toys and games at the Strong or eccentric acts at this year’s Fringe Festival going on, so I’ll leave you with a couple shots of our awesome host city of Rochester!  See you soon New York!

Therap Conf Rochester skyline

Therap Rochester HighFalls

– Stephen