about-us-headshot-kevin-lThere is a grant announcement from OPWDD that is of interest to providers using Therap where you can purchase additional modules and enhance hardware, and for others who are not using an Electronic Health Record (EHR) to purchase Therap Services and related hardware.

About the grant: Briefly, for an agency not yet connected to an electronic health record, they can now make investments in products such as Therap Services and related hardware. For agencies new to Therap we are offering specialized packages that are designed to meet their services and budget.

Also, the grant is available for provider agencies using Therap Services to apply for funding related to technology purchases, upgrades, and services. As a provider using Therap Services, you can make additional purchases of modules, and related equipment such as the utilization of mobile apps. This is the time to access the nation’s leading Developmental Disabilities software service supporting over 300,000 people in 49 States.

Therap continues to be the leading software in the nation and New York. Just in New York, Therap is being utilized by over 85 agencies supporting over 60,000 people. A fully operational, integrated Electronic Health Record is more than just creating the documents related to billing. It is the ability to have a single source of communication and integration for a person centered plan. It needs to be easy to be used by staff, family members and individuals with disabilities.

In order to discuss this grant and how Therap Services can assist you in being successful in your application please contact your regional representative, Kevin Lightle.

Kevin Lightle Ed.D.
New York Regional Director – Implementation/Training