DC User Group

Users from across the DC metro joined Chelsea Newby and Rebecca Musser in a discussion of Therap and meeting regulations for the Department of Disability Services.  Hosts RCM of Washington provided a great space and some very knowledgeable team members to lead in discussions.

We discussed the latest release features, updates, and a whole range of topics on modules and service delivery over a few hours this Wednesday.  Altogether a good half-day spent, we’re all looking forward to the next user group.

DC User Group (Take 2!)

Interested in hosting an upcoming user group at your agency in the coming months?

Have particular issues you want to discuss with other agencies in your region and feedback to hammer out and get to us?  We’ll bring a Therap expert or two, snacks and get the word out to local Therap users.  Let us know via email and we’ll help you set it up.