At this year’s National Conference, Therap will be hosting workshops for users of New Jersey where users can participate in engaging group discussions on how to use different modules, billing setup, and other topics.

The workshop includes:

• Therap for new and potential users: A “Bird’s Eye” view of Therap implementation in NJ. Discuss the PA and implementation process and considerations (billing first vs typical implementation), Fee for Service, and review basic operating policies and procedures.
• NJ ISP Program Workshop: How to create Person-Centered ISP programs to document services, outcomes, DTRs, etc. that support billing and meet New Jersey and federal regulations.
• NJ GER Incident Reporting Workshop: Discuss what the GER process looks like in NJ. Review the process of creating and submitting the GER, completing the NJ state forms, approving the GER, and timeline from creation to approval.
• NJ Reports Workshop: Discuss NJ DDD required reports/updates and ways to complete in Therap. How to use Therap modules and reports to complete reports such as the Day Hab Services Quarterly Update and the Residential Provider Agency Monthly Review.
• NJ Fee for Service Billing Overview. Setting up Medicaid eligibility and trading partner status, billing set up, service authorization set up, linking services authorizations to ISP, linking services authorizations to attendance, processing claims, and reconciliation.

Special Instruction:

• Please bring plans, sample documents for ISP Program creation and any other documents that might be helpful in learning where to store and attach for a comprehensive record in the state of NJ.
• Please bring your laptops/tablets.

It is recommended that you sign up for these free workshops. However, you must be registered for the 2017 Therap National Conference in order to sign up.

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We look forward to seeing you at the conference!