Therap users in the state of Maine are welcome to join our user group meeting for state specific discussions on implementing Therap on August 29, 2018 from 10 am (EDT). The user group meeting will be held at the John F Murphy Homes Inc.

Currently four Maine providers are using the combination of Therap for service documentation and tracking, and the Provider Billing Network is using Therap for generating claims and submitting Medicaid claims electronically. Progress in electronic claiming has been faster than was anticipated and the reports have been positive. There is also a pilot program using Therap to track mental health services and the Provider Billing Network to submit claims in the works. Working with the Provider Billing Network, Therap has been able to continue offering a high level of service at an affordable rate.

Therap’s Medicaid billing features include:

  • Calculate billing data from notes and attendance data entered by support staff
  • Track prior authorizations and service utilization
  • Submit claims directly to Medicaid
  • Generate numerous billing and utilization reports

Therap’s Medicaid billing system integrates seamlessly with other tools like its electronic visit verification (EVV), individual service plans (ISPs), employment services and supports, as well as many other products.

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