Join our upcoming webinar on Pennsylvania CPS Billing and Direct Billing to PA PROMISe on January 15, 2019 at 10 am (ET)/ 7 am (PT).  Therap electronic documentation software provides suite of application for service providers and agencies working with Intellectual and developmental disability (I/DD).  Therap’s electronic billing service assists providers funded by Medicaid. Agencies can create and send professional claims for a single or multiple individuals and for service lines.

Users in Pennsylvania can bill for Residential Services and users with Community Participation Supports Billing Agency Wide and Administrative Role can bill for Community Participation Services (CPS). To know more about Billing, click here.

Know the Presenters:

Heather Thornton is Billing Specialist at Therap. She has worked in I/DD field for over 4 years in multiple capacities. Heather previously helped to implement Therap from T-Logs to Billing and everything in between.

Michelle Saunders is Business Development Consultant at Therap. She primarily focuses in the Central States region and has been working in the non-profit sector with agencies supporting persons with I/DD and MH diagnoses since 1995.

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