Therap users in the state of Pennsylvania are welcome to join our user group webinar heading Charting the LifeCourse and Therap’s ISP Module, which will take place on November 10, 2020 at 1 PM (EST). Our Assistant Director of Business Development Michelle Saunders and Senior Training & Implementation Specialist Gretchen Falk-Lanfear will walk you through the webinar and provide a comprehensive overview  so that you may fulfill your daily documentation requirements effortlessly and efficiently.

Therap’s Charting the LifeCourse module is a person-centered framework that includes several tools as part of a comprehensive approach of planning for an individual and/or the individual’s family. The tools can assist in planning integrated support, vision, and other life domains in order to plan towards a better and desired life for the individual.

Charting the LifeCourse currently includes the following tools:

  • Life Trajectory
  • Integrated Supports Star
  • Vision Tool

Therap’s ISP Program to train individuals with I/DD and other individuals in the broader HCBS/LTSS settings according to the requirements of the particular desired goal or the valued outcomes to be achieved. Each ISP Program can be utilized to specify detailed information such as the long term objective, frequency of documentation, the criteria for completion and the goal to be achieved upon completion of the ISP Program.

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