Therap 2013 Buffalo Regional Conference

What a great place to share Therap with a great bunch of Therapites.  We had a track for finance and billing, two others for reviewing all modules of Therap, and finally a fourth track dedicated to provider presentations. Stephen opened each day with information about Therap recent release and upcoming installations. We have a picture [...]

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August User Group Meeting

Another great meeting with some wonderful Therapites. We had a good morning discussion and it must contributed to our hosts, and maybe those NY bagels. Thanks to everyone at Human First.

ADA and Food Allergies

About the Lesley University Agreement and Potential Implications for Individuals with Food Allergies On December 21, 2013, the Justice Department entered into an agreement with Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts to ensure that its students with celiac disease and other food allergies can fully and equally enjoy the university's food services in compliance with the [...]

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Upcoming Buffalo Conference

It is that time of year when you can feel the direction of summer has changed. Shorter days, vegetables are ripe, ads for going back to school are all signs to all of us for a new season is just ahead of us. For me, it is the clear sign pointing to our August Conference [...]

New York Justice Center

The Justice Center has received a lot of attention. In order for you to understand the details of this act I have provided a link to this legislation at the bottom of this message. This legislation provides for the creation of the Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs; a statewide toll [...]

MSC and News you can use

One of my responsibilities to providers using Therap Services is to network information and news. I try to attend, participate, or read all information related to regulations, plans and trends and pass this on to others. I have been attending MSC supervisor trainings and MSC trainings for the last couple of years and have always [...]

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OMIG – what’s next you may say?

In the past hearing the four letter word OMIG has struck fear and panic even to the best of agencies. However, systems were put in place and Therap developed billing and audit tools to assist agencies to maintain compliance and now there is a better sense of calm and confidence. I am providing a link [...]

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We are on pins and needles just waiting for our chance to further our commitment to providing the providers of supports with the best possible resources. An example was the upload to IRMA, but going live with that is on hold while the State makes some changes to IRMA based on recent legislation. But there [...]

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