Therap and New York State Conference 2015

Stephen opened up the New York State Conference for 2015 with a packed house. Therap support staff, Letisha, Heather, and Shae provided a day of expert advice and discussion and then we had multiple presentations from the provider community.  Just to name a few Community Services for the Developmentally Disabled, Catholic Charities Disabilities, and Baker [...]

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Upstate New York

Once again my visits to providers has taken me to sights and sounds that could be anywhere in the USA but are distinctly New York. For instance here is wine country in the Finger Lakes Regions. If not known worldwide it soon will be. This looks like it could have been California but is a [...]

Actions By NY State to address Abuse

If you haven’t seen all of the news regarding the news for reporting abuse to law enforcement then I have attached link to the press release. I especially like how Commissioner Burke continually stresses the need to change the culture of the past. Here is a link to the press release.

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A Big Warm Welcome to People Inc.

Tuesday July 19th was our first meeting on implementation for People Inc.  It was quite a show with about twenty staff of People Inc. and from Therap; Justin, Maureen, Stephen and myself. Stephen guided us through the various modules being considered for priority while Maureen and I cheered him on. Justin went off to view [...]

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Therap Users unite

Last Thursday over twenty people representing 4 agencies came together to discuss the inner workings of Therap. We have pages of ideas that we will compile with other user groups in order to submit to our programmers for future consideration. Over the past year we have held monthly user group meetings and using the information [...]

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I believe it is safe to say we all can appreciate the purpose and value of external audits and oversight, only if both parties are working off the same tools and expectations. For the longest time the word OMIG conjured up images of uncertain destruction. This is why Therap worked so hard to integrate all [...]

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Incident Reporting is Undergoing Change

New York is strengthening their current reporting system of incidents. A new form has been released and here are a few notes regarding the changes made. These will be incorporated into the Therap reporting system soon. Here is a link to the new form 147.  Revised 147 1) A note was added that the form [...]

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News about ADA

ADA GETS ITS FIRST MAJOR OVERHAUL IN TWENTY YEARS; NEW RULES TOOK EFFECT MARCH 15, 2011 From distinguishing between a wheelchair and other power-driven mobility devices such as the Segway® to clarifying what qualifies as a service animal, a new set of ADA rules went into effect on March 15, 2011. The rules affect how [...]

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April User Group Meeting

We are looking forward to our second Therap Services user group meeting of 2011. Our next meeting will be held at Community Services for the Disabled starting at 10:00am. The address is 1845 Kenmore Avenue, Kenmore NY. The site phone number in case it is needed is:  (716) 447-9999. There is plenty of off street [...]

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More Regulation Changes

Many of us started supporting people with developmental disabilities in residential settings. These were known as ICF/MR and a specific set of regulations and interpretive guidelines were the guidelines for active treatment and quality of life. The interpretative guidelines have not been updated since 1996. CMS started the update process two years ago and it [...]

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