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Year end rush

It seems like forever since I was in the office long enough to catch up on things. I believe I am not the only one who has had a very busy year. So, here is wishing everyone a little peace and quiet as we usher out 2014. Despite year end there remains a lot of [...]


A challenge of community based services is keeping community focused. Too often in the past when problems arise there were very few community options and people were forced to go into alternative facilities for treatment. It is with great anticipation that we are starting to see community interventions when problems arise. START is rolling out [...]

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Some things just never go away and here is a link that can detail how to become a DISCO. This power point has timelines, definitions, and details the care coordination aspect of managed care.  As usual Therap has been aware of these upcoming challenges and will work with the provider network to ensure support  of [...]

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Community Hab. Proposed Reg. Changes

More news from OPWDD. I do not see any of our current methods changing except for billing limitations. The limitations on CH vary depending on the individual’s receipt of day habilitation and prevocational services, and the certified setting where the individual resides. Here is a link to the proposed regulations. file:///C:/Users/Kevin/Downloads/CHamendmentsRegsText.pdf

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CMS – HBCS – NY – Oh My

Here is a site worth looking at. Recently, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) published the final rule related to Home and Community Based Services Settings (HBCS) for Medicaid-funded long term services and supports provided in non-institutional residential settings. This rule implements a number of changes to home and community based waivers, finalizes [...]

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New York User Group Meetings

Greetings to summer. This is a great time of year to be with family and go on outings. So, it is also a great time to meet with fellow Therapites and meet together at a user group meeting. Here is a reminder of the upcoming schedule. Please note we do not have a site scheduled [...]

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OMIG and Therap

Whenever you hear the word OMIG it always conjures something foreboding. However, they have also been pretty good as of late in getting out guidelines in order to assist agencies with their compliance efforts. This is a good publication that outlines specific risk areas they have found in conducting review. Here is the link. OMIG [...]

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Therap and Keuka Lake Conference

Looking forward to seeing our friends here. 32nd Annual Keuka Lake Conference Thursday & Friday June 19 & 20, 2014 Here is a link to the conference brochure. Keuka Conference I will be presenting for two sessions on Thursday. The topic will be directed to our key staff in the field, the Direct Support Professionals. [...]

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Changes Effective July 1st.

I know everyone is preparing to modify and update plans according to the new requirements established by OPWDD. In summary; ·       All affected ISPs must be updated to reflect a frequency of  “day” or “daily” instead of “month” or “monthly”; ·       All affected ISPs must be evaluated to determine if they currently reflect the individuals’ desire to [...]

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Therap and NYSACRA – Strong Together Conference 2014

Just back from the 2014 NYSACRA Annual Conference, Strong Together. Totally amazed at the number and quality of presentations. It was like an annual reunion for me to see all of the people I have worked with before at New Hope Community and since then while working with Therap. I think this link to Leah’s [...]

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