Allegany ARC host to August User Group

Tuesday August 2nd was a beautiful day to be out in the Southern Tier of New York. It was on this day that Allegany ARC hosted our monthly Therap user group meeting. I have to get better at taking pictures so I can share with everyone the sites and the people who make up the [...]

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A Big Warm Welcome to People Inc.

Tuesday July 19th was our first meeting on implementation for People Inc.  It was quite a show with about twenty staff of People Inc. and from Therap; Justin, Maureen, Stephen and myself. Stephen guided us through the various modules being considered for priority while Maureen and I cheered him on. Justin went off to view [...]

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Therap Users unite

Last Thursday over twenty people representing 4 agencies came together to discuss the inner workings of Therap. We have pages of ideas that we will compile with other user groups in order to submit to our programmers for future consideration. Over the past year we have held monthly user group meetings and using the information [...]

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Travels with Sazzad

On Friday afternoon I received an email letting me know Sazzad would be in town on Monday and Tuesday and would like to visit with customers of Therap. If you have been at a National Therap Conference or on a State project you know Sazzad is thoughtful and brilliant when it comes to understanding Therap [...]

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