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Welcome to Therap Services

Therap has been supporting community service provider agencies and vendors in Oregon since 2005, and currently thousands of individuals with disabilities in Oregon are being supported by agencies that use Therap’s Electronic Documentation and Communication tools.Therap is also used in coordination with several Oregon Counties and Oregon Licensing.

A Welcome Message

Find out more about what we are doing in Oregon today!
Regular users groups across the state, onsite training, and a training team that has helped thousands of Oregon staff become competent in Therap.

We will be in your area again soon. We invite you to learn more about Therap, at the convenience of you and your team. Find out what hundreds of thousands of people already know. I assure you it will be informative and well worth the time spent.

User Guide

Access to Therap by Licensing

Click here to learn more about how Therap is working with providers and the State of Oregon Licensing.

Making Individuals Viewable to the State

Click here for the complete instructions on how to connect your system to the state’s and how to make your clients visible to the state.

Oregon ISP

Providers from Oregon can document their ISPs following the state’s guidelines in Therap. To learn more, refer to these resources:
Documentation | Short Demo on Youtube

Therap Oregon Team

Contact any of the listed people from Therap if you have questions about our services, pricing or if you are having trouble with anything in Therap. We’ll be happy to hear from you! Write to us, if you prefer.

Certified Trainer

David Van Hook
Debbie Schriver
Gina Loraine
Hannah Shuholm
James Gray
Curtis A. Brown