Comprehensive Data Management for Health & Human Services Programs

Solutions for States and Local Government

Support & manage internal program processes, service delivery, and billing with a system that is widely-adopted across the country and contracted by 20+ states and local government.

Solutions to Improve Program Management, Performance Outcomes and Communications:

  • Federal, State and Local Compliance

  • Manage HCBS Waivers and other Programs

  • Incident Management & Risk Analysis

  • Provider Management and Oversight

  • Analytic Performance Dashboards featuring
    Data-Driven Outcomes

  • Federally-Compliant EVV Solutions

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  Intake & Assessment     Electronic Visit   Service Planning &   Quality Assurance           Billing &    Service Provision        Verification     Case Management     & Reporting         Claiming Real Time Communication Families and Guardians Provider Network Case Management-Support Coordination       Intake & Assessment     Electronic Visit Verification       Billing & Claiming   Quality Assurance & Reporting   Service Planning & Case Management