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Who can join


What can you do?

  • Share your story
  • Share how Therap helps you every day
  • Meet and talk to new people

Why join the program?

  • Travel to new places
  • Attend Therap conferences
  • Participate in meetings with other users
  • Make videos to teach others about Therap

Get Started

  • You must have a Therap account
  • Discuss your interest in the program with a Therap Rep
  • Discuss how you use Therap

Get Involved at your Agency

Is your agency interested in learning more about involving Self-Advocates in Therap at your agency?

Request for a presentation by Self-Advocates at your agency in the Northeast Region

User Guides


Therap Self-Advocacy Team – Lori and Jennifer

Self Advocate program Team

Lori and Jennifer talk about how they use Therap and travel around the country.

Individuals’ Discussion on use of Therap

Individuals Discussion

Learn from four Therap users how Therap has impacted their life.

Individuals’ and Staff Discussion on use of Therap


Hear about how individuals and staff use Therap to meet goals and improve communication.

Meet the Self-Advocates

Self Advocate program Team

Self Advocate program Team

Quotes from Self-Advocates and Families

I like the different modules that I use. I like to be able to look at my upcoming appts. and I like writing SComms to my staff.
Jennifer Yost, Self-Advocate

I like Therap because I can read my T-Logs that the staff write about me. I also like writing my own T-Logs. I like my job at Therap because I like talking to people about what I do on Therap and answering any questions the group may have.

Lori Schneider, Self-Advocate