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We are very happy to announce the South Carolina State Therap Conference for 2020. This year’s event will be an online conference, hosted by Therap. Join us to learn and network with others in the South Carolina Therap User Community.

The conference is going to be a one day event on Tuesday, November 10th from
9:00 AM – 1:00 PM (EDT).

The conference will be full of sessions by South Carolina Therap experts. This event will be offered with no registration fees! And…you can attend from the comfort and safety of your home office, current work space or from anywhere.

Similar to our annual, in-person conferences, this will be your opportunity to learn about recent developments in the Therap system.

video - Welcome to the Conference

Why should I attend this conference? Glad you asked!

  • Learn more ways to improve the quality of your services while working smarter not harder!
  • No Registration Fees. No travel expenses. No hotel expenses.
  • This is a great opportunity for more of your staff and individuals in service to experience a Therap Conference!