March 31, 2011
Melanie Mowry Etters
Communications Director
(850) 488-4257

TALLAHASSEE – The Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD) and the Agency for Health Care Administration today submitted an emergency plan to reduce provider payment rates by 15 percent for the next three months. This emergency action is to address APD’s more than $170 million deficit in the Medicaid waiver program. Florida law (Chapter 393.0661(7) and (8) Florida Statutes) requires these agencies to take action when it is determined that APD is spending more money than was allocated by the legislature. APD received $805 million for waiver services this year.

The plan will also eliminate the differential between agency and solo rates. In addition, the agency will not increase cost plans through Prior Service Authorizations or annual reviews without review and approval by the director of APD. In the case of an emergency affecting an individual’s health and safety, APD will review a request for additional services using the criteria applied to crisis determinations. The emergency rule will be in effect until the end of the fiscal year which is June 30.

APD Chief of Staff Bryan Vaughan said, “These actions are necessary to comply with statutory obligations so that we are not forced to eliminate services to this vulnerable population. APD is committed to protecting the health and safety of Floridians with developmental disabilities while living within our budget.”

The agency annually serves about 35,000 Floridians with developmental disabilities of mental retardation, autism, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, and Prader-Willi syndrome. For more information on the agency, call 1-866-APD-CAREs or visit