Last week I represented Therap Services as an Exhibitor at the United Cerebral Palsy 2011 Annual Conference.  It was an excellent conference as UCP Affiliate Executives and other organization staff  attended very meetings around the theme of  Its All Local!

It's All Local

Stephen Bennett

The CEO of United Cerebral Palsy, Stephen Bennett said

On behalf of the Board of Trustees of UCP and myself, thank you for attending Life Without Limits: It’s All Local, UCP’s 2011 Annual Conference.  Your participation in New Orleans this week helped strengthen UCP’s network of close to 100 affiliates across the globe that are advancing the civil rights movement for people with disabilities.

We learned a great deal from one another over three days in the “Big Easy.”

Glen Harger

Congratulations Glenn!

During the reception on the first evening my esteemed colleague and  good friend, Glen Harger, CEO of UCP of Mobile was honored:

2011 Kathleen O. Maul Leadership Award was presented to Glenn Harger, CEO of UCP of Mobile, for his leadership and strong commitment to UCP. He joined the affiliate of UCP of Mobile in 1989 and has grown the affiliate from a budget of $400,000 and 12 employees to a budget size of $4.1 million and 75 employees. He served in a leadership role as Chair with the National Administrators Council and as the first chair of the Professional Council following the reinvention of the management structure for UCP. He has offered his expertise to the planning and logistical support of several UCP annual conferences and has faithfully participated in Regional Administrator Council meetings. He currently serves as the Chair of the Program Advancement Ad Hoc Committee. Glenn previously served on the Affiliate Services Committee and was the Chair of the Interagency Coordinating Council of Alabama for Early Childhood Intervention. Throughout his time with UCP he has been a respected, vocal executive director who not only has Southern charm and a booming voice but a great passion for people with disabilities.

The conference was also attended by long time supporter and Actress, Cheryl Hines.  She took time to dance the night away as she was swept off her feet by this incredible interactive Robot, built and presented by:

Picture of Diane Wilush, Executive Director, in UCP National Conference

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The conference was a great time as I had the opportunity to visit with many of my long time colleagues including some of Therap’s current UCP customers like Diane Wilush, Executive Director, UCP of Georgia and South Carolina along with Brad Beasley, Assistant Executive Director, UCP of South Carolina.  Many of the UCP affiliate directors and program staff were so excited when they saw some of what Therap can do for them.  And with our new mobile app for IPhone and IPad, it was a thrill to demonstrate how simple it is for staff to document services from anywhere while Therap pegs the staff providing the services, time and location without having to enter that information.  For more information about Therap Mobile Apps go to:

Picture of Therap Booth in UCP National Conference

See y’all next year!