Central Florida Communities Inc
Our newest customer in Central Florida is  DSI Management, LLC


DSI operates a most well respected provider organization of disability services:            Central Florida Communities, Inc.


Serving Orange, Seminole, Brevard and Lake Counties the CFC Mission is:

To strive each day for excellence… by supporting and encouraging each individual to achieve the highest level of independence in an environment that promotes independence, choice, dignity, happiness and opportunities to participate in decisions affecting every aspect of their lives.

Central Florida Communities, Inc. (CFC) has warm, welcoming, home-inspired facilities and programs for individuals with developmental disabilities in Orange, Brevard, Lake and Seminole Counties.

CFC operates three 64-bed Intermediate Care Facilities for the Developmentally Disabled (ICF/DD’s), Howell Branch Court, Lake View Court and Washington Square. Each is a living center for individuals who require around the clock care, including nursing and medical oversight, and can benefit from on-site activities and community outings.

CFC also operates 17 Group Homes which are six-bed community integrated homes serving children and adults with developmental disabilities.

Central Florida Group Homes is a premiere-best practice-well managed organization!  Therap Services we are proud to welcome CFC to the Therap Family.   We are also excited that CFC has hired a Certified Therap Trainer, Kristen Thompson,  to lead the implementation and training of Therap at CFC.

Picture of Kristen Thompson, Certified Trainer of Therap

DSI is looking forward to a future of efficient and effective documentation with the help of Therap Services.  As the Director of Therap Implementation and Training for DSI, Kristen Thompson believes that using a documentation system like Therap provides staff with a complete and up to date knowledge of the people they serve, while protecting confidentiality and reducing environmental impacts.

DSI Management, LLC specializes in management of communities for the elderly, facilities and programs for the developmentally disabled, and programs that provide a full range of services to individuals in their homes.

Kristen & Kris Keppler, Therap Training & Implementation Specialist have 300+staff to train in Therap and are finishing-up training this week in Titusville.   Both CFC and Therap are fortunate to have Kristen, her energy, passion and leadership to assure the best of success!