APD has shared that Service authorizations will be completed on a quarterly basis.  This provision will go into effect when areas phase in the iBudget system.  This means Areas 1 and 2 will operate under the new Service Authorization system this quarter.  Areas 3 and 4 will be transitioned to the new system in the next wave, and all areas are to be under the iBudget system by April 2012.

When I first began looking for an electronic system as CEO of UCP of East Central Florida (at that time) I was primarily seeking a system that would assist our organization in managing Service Authorizations and Billing.   Therap created that functionality and we began using the system in 2006.  If it were not for Therap, we would not be able to manage Service Authorizations and would have clearly left “money” on the table.

Today, it is far worse than leaving money on the table if Service Authorizations are not maximized…

Individuals loose services!

With APD going to Quarterly Service Authorizations, it will become extremely challenging if not impossible to manage Service Authorizations!  For Therap Users, Service authorizations are tracked by percentage left and expiration date, both have notification features which are set by the User.   In addition, Utilization Management Reports can be run  at anytime, so Providers know what balances are remaining for each service authorized and how those services are being provided and what average uses are so decisions can be made about how much services should be provided looking ahead.

This could be the time to seriously look at implementing Therap Services in your organization!

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