ARC MarionARC Marion headquartered in Ocala, Florida has subscribed to Therap for all their documentation needs including, Health Notes, Shift Notes, Case and Progress Notes, Health Care Tracking, Support Plan/Implementation Plan Goals racking and Reporting, APD Incident Reporting, Personal Finance of Group Home Residents, Billing, Tracking of Staff Training, Productivity and Wages for sheltered contract work in their ADT and much more.
Therap Services began working with ARC Marion, Inc in October beginning with an Implementation Meeting and ProviderARC Marion pic Administrator Training with the organization’s Management Team.  CEO, Troy Strawder said ” Therap will change our organization and help us to be more efficient in these very tough financial times giving our staff more time to provide services to the people with disabilites that need our support!”   ARC Marion will be conducting a Time Study and Cost Analysis to assist their Board of Directors and Therap in having a clear and documented outcome of the efficiency’s and savings that could be realized by implementing Therap Services!
 ARC Marion, Inc., established in 1959, creates opportunties for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Ocala and Marion County Florida to live, work and play to the fullest of their capabilities.

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